Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2.5 Children Inc. - Nonmachineable

2.5 Children Inc - Nonmachineable
Again, more crusty hardcore punk from these Philly/West Chester mainstays.

*Please excuse my lack of proper cover art and tracklisting. If you have either, for either record, send em my way and I'll update!

Check it out


  1. Master Grasshopper Vs. The Evil Biffer
    Death Machine
    Thought Revolution
    Rolling Fields
    Another Song About Getting Along
    Children Of The Disobediant
    Call Me President
    Wake And Eat
    Another Happy Day
    Nature's Burning
    Coffee Dogs Part III
    The Silent Song
    Land Of The Free
    Gilded Rage

  2. yo whoodie the pics are from society and other bad habits e.p. which i can send to you.

  3. Here's the art work for both records....
    Thanks for for posting this stuff!

    Check out MOTHER FLETCHER with two of the members of 2.5.


  4. Hey, I check your blog out all the time. My band, the marine electric from bk, ny, just released a 7" and thought you might want to check it out. Our myspace is we've been compared to braid, hotwatermusic, promise ring etc.. cheers!